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“I was just starting out, but Legit5 Marketing made it easy to keep track of my reviews and keep up with my patients. Growing my practice has never been easier!” –Daniel G. Hollens, D.C.

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We know that you want to put your patients first. Give yourself the breathing room to focus on the important things and keep everything organized.

Manage reviews, handle patient communications, and expand your practice, all in one place.

About Legit5 Marketing:

Legit5 Marketing is a chiropractic reputation management platform that lets chiropractors access all they need to keep their reviews high and grow their practice.

You can access reviews from across the web and reply to them with ease. With Legit5 Marketing, you don’t have to worry about jumping to dozens of review sites and losing track of your reputation.

You can also contact patients directly for appointment confirmations, rescheduling, and booking with just the push of a button. Taking care of your patients’ needs and growing your practice has never been so easy or convenient!

Chiropractors should be able to focus on taking care of their patients, first and foremost. When doctor-patient communication and administration are concentrated in a single service, your chiropractic practice can grow without any worry or stress.

Caring for your patients’ health can be stressful enough; there’s no need to worry about five-star reviews on top of that.

“I tried using Legit5 Marketing to keep track of my reviews since nothing else was working for me. It’s so easy to use, I can’t go back to what I was using before.”

–Bryan Mitchell, D.C.

Review Management

You can easily manage reviews and respond to inquiries on multiple websites with a single click.

Send review requests to patients, reply to reviews, and grow your reputation by creating an easy line of communication with current and potential patients.

Patient Communication

Keep in contact with your current and future patients with direct messaging tools and appointment management.

Remind your patients of upcoming appointments in advance or confirm upcoming appointments with generic or personalized requests.

You can even save message templates, send automatic responses to reviews or text messages, and send surveys to your patients with ease.

Keep your patients in the loop, so neither of you misses a review or an appointment.

Organization and Convenience

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Legit5 Marketing is Never an Inconvenience

Organizing your chiropractic practice should never be a hassle. Our platform is designed with convenience and functionality in mind.

Keep your reviews organized and focus on growing your practice instead of being bogged down by red tape or an unresponsive interface.

As a chiropractor, you should be able to get the most out of your chiropractic reputation management platform, and Legit5 Marketing is here to deliver. With everything in one convenient place, you will never have to juggle apps, websites, or even multiple devices to handle your reputation again.

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Increased Patient Volume

According to a BrightLocal Consumer Survey issued in 2020, up to 87% of consumers research local businesses by reading consumer reviews.

Increasing your presence on the major review sites, creating a positive relationship with current and potential patients, and answering questions and concerns regularly can lead to greater trust as a practice and a brand.

Staying consistent with managing your reviews and notifying your patients to review at the right time can also increase trust, which will lead to more patients coming to you for care. When you have a higher influx of patients, your practice grows as a result.

With more patients come more five-star reviews, and with more five-star reviews come more patients!

Better Management

Managing a chiropractic practice is already full of headaches and red tape. Legit5 Marketing keeps it simple with its robust organization toolset and customizability.

With everything in one convenient place, nothing gets lost in the shuffle. Additional notifications and reminders help you make sure that no review goes unchecked and no patients are left behind.

Thank the good reviews, respond to concerns on the bad ones, and keep your chiropractic practice’s reputation glowing with an improved line of communication between you and the people who matter most to your business: your patients.

Happier Patients

Maintaining regular contact with your patients is important for keeping a strong relationship with them. Being attentive and checking in about appointments without them having to come to you first shows that you care, which leads to greater trust and happier patients.

When your patients are happy, your practice booms.

When your practice booms, that means we both can be proud of a job well done.

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